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Watch GR The Strangers Prey At Night (2018) ##TOP##

This is a chilling line and definitely the most memorable of the entire movie. While sometimes a horror film ruins its good idea, The Strangers has a scary premise and follows through. As James and Kristen are targeted by people wearing masks, it does feel like terrible luck that they were in this house and that these killers happened to be there, too. Is there anything scarier than someone getting attacked because they're at the wrong place at the wrong time? The fact that Kristen and James are having relationship trouble also makes the movie even more unnerving to watch because it feels relatable. They really could be anyone, just trying to get through the night before going their separate ways in the morning and thinking about their life choices. But instead, they find themselves in a situation that they could never have imagined or predicted.

Watch GR The Strangers Prey at Night (2018)

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The noise eventually stops and James returns to the house. After she explains what has happened, he finds his car ransacked and the blonde woman watching him from afar. His phone has also had its battery stolen and he realizes the house has been breached. The couple attempt to leave in James' car but a third masked stranger, Pin-Up Girl rear-ends them with a pickup truck, forcing them to flee. Back inside the house, Kristen and James find a shotgun and wait for the intruders in a bedroom. One of the strangers puts a country record on the turntable, filling the house with music.

Each visit has played out the same. Around 10:15 or 10:20 at night, the staff says, a luxury car turns into the small parking lot lined with Japanese pine trees. If the cages are empty, Ichiro gets out and carries his black bat to Lane 8. He pays his bill like everyone else, $2 for every 22 balls. The staff members don't bother him, but they do watch, understanding that they're seeing something intimate. The old man behind the counter thinks Ichiro is looking for something, coming back to the place where he split in two. He swings for about 20 minutes, and only he knows what is on his mind during this trip through his past. Soon the communion is over. He pulls out of the parking lot, carrying his private burdens into the night. 041b061a72


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