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Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson

Apple Service Diagnostic 2.5.8 [PPC] ((HOT))

Downloads 1&2 are the same All-In-One compilation, dL optimized for manipulating its image from within OSX & OS9 respectively. All-In-One v0.7-PMG5 houses AHTs v2.5.2 , 2.5.0 , 2.2.5 , 2.1.0 plus it has "ASD OF" versions 2.6.3 & 2.5.8 all on just one bootable or burnable volume plus a runtime menu for choosing among its AHT/ASD versions. The included ASD programs are useful for G5 Thermal Calibration and for Extended Test of video-ram. This has been arranged as verifiable open source edits all made by an enthusiast ; the AIO image not an apple endorsed product, nonetheless *contains several essential AHT bug-fixes; the "ReadMe" file in the dL explains.

Apple Service Diagnostic 2.5.8 [PPC]


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