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Audio And Hi-Fi Handbook, Third Edition

In June 1983, Sony introduced high fidelity audio to videotape as Beta Hi-Fi. For NTSC, Beta HiFi worked by placing a pair of FM carriers between the chroma (C) and luminance (Y) carriers, a process known as frequency multiplexing. Each head had a specific pair of carriers; in total, four individual channels were employed. Head A recorded its hi-fi carriers at 1.38(L) and 1.68(R) MHz, and the B head employed 1.53 and 1.83 MHz. The result was audio with an 80 dB dynamic range, with less than 0.005% wow and flutter.[14]

Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook, Third Edition


Sony was confident that VHS could not achieve the same audio performance feat as Beta Hi-Fi. However, to the chagrin of Sony, JVC did develop a VHS hi-fi system on the principle of depth multiplexing approximately a year after the first Beta Hi-Fi VCR, the SL-5200 was introduced by Sony. Despite initial praise as providing "CD sound quality", both Beta Hi-Fi and VHS HiFi suffered from "carrier buzz", where high-frequency information bled into the audio carriers, creating momentary "buzzing" and other audio flaws. Both systems also used companding noise-reduction systems, which could create "pumping" artifacts under some conditions. Both formats also suffered from interchange problems, where tapes made on one machine did not always play back well on other machines. When this happened and if the artifacts became too distracting, users were forced to revert to the old linear soundtrack.[citation needed]

  • Linked below are a small selection of third party videos that may be helpful when getting started with REW.How to Use Room EQ Wizard part 1, setup and taking measurements (by Music City Acoustics)How to Use Room EQ Wizard part 2, analyzing acoustic measurements (by Music City Acoustics)A short video tutorial in German (also available in English, both by Marcel Schechter)A video tutorial in German about subwoofer level and phase alignment (Pegelanpassung & Phasenlage für Subwoofer mit Bass Management by Marcel Schechter)A comprehensive guide in French by Adrien Perinot (Projet Home Studio)LinksOfficial REW Forum at AV NIRVANA

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  • Reference MaterialGuy-Bart Stan, Jean-Jacques Embrechts, Dominique Archambeau, "Comparison of different impulseresponse measurement techniques", JAES Volume 50, Issue 4, pp. 249-262, April 2002. Available onlineat _Online_version.pdf

  • Swen Müller, Paulo Massarani, "Transfer-Function Measurement with Sweeps", JAES Volume 49Issue 6 pp. 443-471, June 2001. An extended version of the paper is available atCiteSeerX

  • Angelo Farina, "Simultaneous measurement of impulse response and distortion with a swept-sinetechnique", 108th AES Convention, February 2000. Available as entry number 134 inthis list of papers

Nikolaos M. Papadakis and Georgios E. Stavroulakis, "Low Cost Omnidirectional Sound Source Utilizing aCommon Directional Loudspeaker for Impulse Response Measurements", Appl. Sci. 2018, 8(9), 1703; Availableonline at EquipmentThe simplest configuration for most acoustic measurement purposes is a calibrated USB microphone (miniDSP's UMIK-1is recommended) and your computer's headphone or HDMI output. An analog measurement microphone (Dayton Audio's EMM-6, forexample) will need a suitable interface with a mic preamp and phantom power, such as Steinberg's UR22 MkII or theFocusrite Scarlett Solo.

On this episode: JUST RELEASED: the third edition of The Film Photography Handbook. JUST RELAUNCHED: (now offers information about my services in training, consulting, production, and photography as well as some references to past work). COMING UP: The 10-day Eastern Europe photo road trip in Sep 2023 for amateur and professional photographers to visit iconic landmarks and hidden gems in Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Transylvania. OLD PHOTOS: A personal project to digitize and restore a collection of 88-year-old photos of my family on glass plate negatives and celluloid film. DRAMA: The debate over the use of AI in art is ongoing, with some people excited about its potential and others concerned about negative effects on artists and the industry. 041b061a72


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