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Its Cooling Down, Warm Up, FALL-timore Style

Picture It: A cool, crisp evening. There's no work tomorrow. The weekend has finally found you. You've decided to get a bit of fresh air. A nice walk'll do. The city is beautiful this time of year. Aside from the faint horn honks, dogs barking in the distance; you notice a peace that the week doesn't offer you. Donned in your oversized sweater, with the boots to match, the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet bring a smile to your face. ALAS!!! Fall is upon us. The scent of a hearth reminds you of days long passed. You're reminded that in the columns of these historical row homes lies tradition, OLD CHARM, beauty and some of them even have FIREPLACES. You walk along in awe of the foliage. Deep Inhale, Slow Exhale. There's a sudden realization: Baltimore is ONE BEAUTIFUL PLACE. There's a hustle and bustle about this town that reminds you that even through tough times, Baltimore gleams with tons of Bounce Back Ability. Stopping atop a new block, you see that Down Town skyline. It looks so far away, but it's much closer than you think. The lights are shimmering, a call perhaps?? Maybe a pumpkin ale from a local brewery, some tapas and some live music is what those lights were calling for. Maybe this weekend needs more. This night can go from an evening of relaxation and fun to a weekend of splendor.

You rush back home, still enthralled by the rustling of the leaves!! You phone some friends!! You've told them of your stroll. They are excited to enjoy their very own experiences. They want to feel Falltimore in all of it's glory!! But wait, where do you begin?!

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Thank you so much! There is so much more to come. Stay tuned!!


rashell Williams
rashell Williams
Sep 23, 2020

Very well put together , helpful, and informative service thank you !

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